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What is Midlands Trade?

Midlands Trade is a blog about business made in Brazil and Europe founded in 2014. The idea is to present what people in Brazil would like to know about Europe businesses and vice versa .

To make this link between Europe and Brazil, we focus on news about tourism & hospitality, starts ups, retail, food & drinks, e-commerce and all subjects related to Birmingham and West Midlands.

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Who am I?

I’m a Brazilian journalist living in Birmingham, UK, since 2011 and I’m the founder of Midlands Trade.

I like to think I’m powered by music and I spend a lot of time writing and reading as well. I’m fascinated about independent businesses and all things related to Birmingham and West Midlands.

It’s on Midlands Trade that I publish most of my stuff, but I also write for other online publications such as Weekend Notes, Sounds and Colours, EazyCity.

Eating sushi, collecting kokeshi dolls and reviewing pubs and restaurants are also my hobbies. And I have an adorable cat called Dougal Doo, which is my currently inspiration for everything I do nowadays. ;o)

I have been working as Portuguese and English teacher, translator and interpreter, watch technician ( yes, I am multi-task) along the years too but journalism is my real deal.


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